Science of Quality



“Transformations in the perceptions of time and space shape an new historical understanding of the world in order to amplify the level of scientific investigation of Bio-Quantum Physics ” .

N.1 -  Renaissance of Alchemy in Bio-Quantum Physics of Space -Time

N.2 - Science of Beauty: Mind changing in Modern Life Science and Living Art

N.3 - Bio-quantum Computing

N.4 - Bio-Quantum Physics is the best theory to predict fundamental nature of life

N.5 - Evolution Principle in "Bio–Quantum Physics"

N.6 - Transduction of Sensory Signaling

N.7 - Bio.Quantum Photosynthesis

N.8 -  Bio. Quantum Chemical Senses

N.9 - Entanglement Theory 

N. 10 - BioQuantum Physics of Sounds and Music