A network of people with various backgrounds and cultures, on a global basis to create an ideal platform for sharing the latest thinking in quantum sciences, examining current trends and assessing the likely changes for the future.  The network include well-known intellectuals, teachers and laboratories supporting the development of sciences and aimed by taking an active role on the international stage for human health and wellness enhancement. The network will be the bridge between science and spirituality by using real economical basis on knowledge valorization

Site History

The idea for a Quantum Biology Network started at the end of 2005. At that time I was reading two books that fascinating me, they were: The Holographic Universe - Michael Talbot and The Road to Reality - Roger Penrose. These readings stimulate my curiosity and I began to collect several informations through the web among Quantum mechanics and Consciousness. As a scientist and not only a reader, I selected very quickly the informations among the enormous quantity of material spreaded throughout the web and I started to form a personal background on this topic. At the beginning of 2006 I started my activity as Human Biocatalists (HB). I coined the term in analogy with the topic of my research. In Biocatalysis an Enzyme do nothing but accelerating the chemical reaction between chemical entities (Substrates) to form, in a very fast way, the Products. This metafora will be very useful to exemplify what I did at the beginning of January 2006. An enzyme does not catalyze every reactions because of its selectivity, in the same way, as a HB I followed my intuit in contacting some scientists and proposing them a sort of exchange and collaboration between us. The first people I contacted were Stuart Hameroff and Jack Tuszynski. The idea shared with them was to partecipate to "Toward a Science of Consciousness 2006 - April 4-8, 2006, Tucson, Arizona" and during the conference to start a project in collaboration. In the next weeks I met some other people, Paola Zizzi and Giulia Battilotti in Padova, Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano and Lorenzo Maccone from the Quantum Information Theory Group in Pavia, Eliano Pessa and Stefano Govoni in Pavia too. The discussions were always interesting and stimulating and the idea of creating a Network started to grow. In the middle of February a dramatic event in my life stopped any activities as HB. At the end of February I felt completely inhibited and I needed to interrupt my connections with the partners that nevertheless were very kind with me and understood the difficulty I was living. I disregarded the Tucson Conference and I took seven months to recover myself and start again my activities. At the beginning of September some connections were restored (Paola Zizzi and Eliano Pessa) and the works restarted with the creation of this website. The Network was born officially the 28th October 2006 by the Sala del Maggior Consiglio - Palazzo Ducale  - Venezia. Today my activity as HB is definitively restored. The products of my activity will follow in the form of enhancements of the knowledge in the sector of quantum biology and in enhancements of social relationships. These two products cannot be disjoint because they are part of my attitude framework. In the scientific field I aspect as products: scientific conferences, papers, books, patents and other inventions in the form of apparatus and drugs of a new generation. In the social field I aspect as products the growth of new groups of people collaborating together, of new societies, of new friendships aimed by the same feeling of enhancements as human beings. As a HB I would naturally catalize only in the direction of the best products for humanity. Unfortunately like a biocatalyst I could be inhibited or forced to work in the wrong direction. Often the external forces are impossible to be controlled. Unfortunately like a biocatalyst I could be poisoned or denaturated as well and I could even be hyperactivated. The aim of Quantumbionet.org is to find many other HBs to enhance the Network,as well as many other people (Substrates) to interact and work with. The scope is to obtain the Products as fast as possible. Energy for reactions in this case will be in the form of grants, funds and so on, as we live in a society based  on economics. One of the best energy will come from the spirit of the people involved in the Network and the final product I wish for everybody should be a better life throughout the human consciousness enhancement, the way to happyness and infinite love.

(maxp 28th October 2006)


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