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Homepage of Quantum Biosystems
ISSN 1970-223X

New Electronic Journal in Quantum Sciences
from 2007


Vol. 10 – n.1 – 2019

Hans (J H) Geesink and Dirk K F Meijer (2019) A novel biophysical quantum algorithm predicts super-conductive properties in animate and inanimate systemsQuantum Biosystems. 10(1) 1-32


Vol. 9 – n.2 – 2018

Diego L. Rapoport and Jean Claude Perez (2018) Golden ratio and Klein bottle Logophysics: the Keys of the  Codes of Life and Cognition. Quantum Biosystems. 9(2) 8-76.


Vol. 9 – n.1 – 2018

Hans (J H) Geesink and Dirk K F Meijer (2018) Evidence for a Guiding Coherence Principle in Quantum PhysicsQuantum Biosystems. 9(1) 1-17.